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4x4 LandRover Defender

Quality transportation with our 4×4 Land Rover vehicles

Award Winning

An Island Exclusive

Only tour with specially modified Land Rover Defenders

Award Winning island Safaris using 4x4 Land Rover Defenders since 1989

Private Tour

Hire one of our specially modified 4×4 Land Rover Defenders, with a professional driver/guide, and travel comfortably in our open sided vehicle, equipped with forward facing tiered seating, so that everyone on board gets a great view, and explore the island, your way.

The Cross Country 4x4 Safari and Beach Tour

Throw caution to the wind and taste adventure on this “off the beaten path” 4×4 Adventure that travels through the lush rainforested mountains of St. Kitts, viewing up close, the islands hidden natural beauty before traveling down to our best beach for one hour of fun in the sun.

The Cross Country 4x4 Sugar Heritage Tour

Embrace your sweet tooth on this “off road” Adventure that highlights the legacy of 350 years of Sugarcane production. Explore former Sugar Plantations stopping to visit a “Great House”, an abandoned Sugar Mill ruine, and a 1000 foot Mountain top property that overlooks the entire island.

The “Valley of Giants” Walking Tour and Indian Petroglyphs

Enjoy Our Guided Walking Tour Into The “Valley Of Giants” A Place Of Rare Beauty And Tranquility That Is Our Islands Richest Reservoir Of Biodiversity And As Well Discover A Series Of Mysterious Rock Carvings Left By Our Aboriginal People…

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