Private Safari Tour

Use our “Private Hire Option”, which is priced on a per hour basis and based on a minimum of three hours on tour, and we will supply you with a modified 4×4 Land Rover Defender, equipped with open sides and 12 forward facing seats, built in a tiered fashion, so that everyone gets a great view, as well as a professional Driver/Guide.

Our uniquely designed 4×4 Land Rover Defenders guarantee our guests maximum passenger enjoyment, as we take you where no one else can, “Off the Beaten Path”, on beautiful St. Kitts.

Discover our lush forests on drives through the interior mountains, or travel along picturesque coastlines for a fascinating up close encounter with the hidden beauty of St. Kitts, YOUR WAY!

Private Safari Tour in St. Kitts

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Discover the best of our island home on this unique combination Tour that includes a 4×4 Driving Adventure and a Beach Stop

3 hour minimum required

The Private Hire, per hour rates are as follows :

1 to 2 Guests $360 USD – $120 USD per hour thereafter 

3 to 4 Guests $450 USD – $150 USD per hour thereafter

5 to 6 Guests $750 USD – $180 USD per hour thereafter

7 to 8 Guests $1050 USD – $210 USD per hour thereafter

9 to 10 Guests $1350 USD – $250 per hour thereafter

11 to 12 Guests $1650 USD – $300 per hour there after

Included: Our delicious Caribbean Picnic of fresh exotic island fruits in season, coconut Rock Cakes, Ginger sugarcakes, Coconut Fudge, Guava Cheese, tropical juices, spring water and Island Rum.

Frequently Asked Questions

Per person weight limit of 280 pounds.

If arriving via cruise ship, we collect you at Port Zante.

If staying at a hotel, we pick you up from the hotel.