The Cross Country 4x4 Sugar Heritage Tour

On this Unique 4×4 Drive of Discovery and Intrigue, look forward to exploring the lush interior mountains of Beautiful St. Kitts on board one of our specially modified 4X4 Land Rover Defenders equipped with open sides and forward facing, tiered seating, too be taught about our islands 300 year association with the production of Sugar, Rum and Molasses. 

Our first stop will be to visit a private, 200 year old Sugar Planters home, known as Shadwell Great House which was built in the 1600’s, and where we will give you a brief introduction to the history of sugarcane cultivation on the island, followed by an intriguing walk through the old Plantation Home. The Great House was originally constructed by French Planters and was built on a rise on the Estates’ land so as to command a view as well as to catch the cooling effects of the Trade Winds. The old home was designed in such a way as to withstand Earthquakes and Hurricanes with its unique “hip and blouse” design, so as to survive the violent shakes of an earthquake and with storm shutters and a peaked roof, to ward off the effects of monster hurricanes. While touring the inside of the Plantation House you will be given insightful information into life on a sugar plantation. 

After leaving Shadwell Estate our tour takes you into the lush Rainforested mountains up to the 1000 foot contour, where you can have close encounters with our fascinating wildlife, like monkeys, mongoose and Hummingbirds, as well as our lush forests’ many towering trees and long vines. Enjoy panoramic views over St. Kitts from this unique mountaintop property, as well as a Refreshing Picnic and bar. 

Next we would continue down through the Windward slopes lush forests, to visit an abandoned 200 year old Sugar Factory, with its old “Dutch inspired” Windmill and Boiling house. Here you will be given an insightful walk through its ancient, cut stone ruins, to be told how Sugar, Rum and Molasses were produced here. 

A little lower down the slope we visit the historic St. Mary’s Anglican Church, located on a bluff overlooking the village of Cayon. Here in the 1760’s the Vicar was the famous Slave Abolitionist, the Rev. James Ramsey who was said to have inspired the Rev. John Newton to write the gospel song, Amazing Grace. This much loved church has a lovely AfroCentric style and was said to have been the first church on the island where the different races could worship God together within its walls.

The Cross Country 4x4 Sugar Heritage Tour

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This promises to be the ultimate “Open Aired 4X4 Jeep Adventure” on our Island that would explore the history of over 365 years of sugar production on St. Kitts.  

US$85 for Adults

Cost: For children 3 – 12, US$60 each.
Minimum Tour Charge US$340.00 US.

Duration: 3½ to 4 hours

Included: Exotic island picnic, modified 4X4 Land Rover with a Professional Driver/Guide and Return transportation from Basseterre.

Fitness level: 4×4 Driving Tour with short walks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Per person weight limit of 280 pounds.

If arriving via cruise ship, we collect you at Port Zante.

If staying at a hotel, we pick you up from the hotel.